Participants from the urban industrial park project construc

Municipal party committee secretary of the morning of April 27 Dai Yuan led the 10th time in the city industrial park project carrier construction site advance will attendees to view the carrier construction and development of our projects forward, etc., city, district leadership Li Chi, Zhang Lixiang, hong-hong Chen, wang rong, Nancy, fit CEO, sheep, ni feng, Ma Junjian, vader Zhou Jianyun, Jiang Wei, Sun Yi, Gu Yunling, Jiang Youxin, dong-cheng li, Zhang Lihua, new tong qi, Zhang Sudong, etc.

Dai Yuan line first came to mainly engaged in the production of miniature camera HongShi intelligent manufacturing project site, in the enterprise, product demonstration everyone was picked attracted by the mobile phone chip integrates a variety of electronic components. Dai listened carefully to the explanation of the company's leaders, while asking about the scientific and technological research and development of the company's products in detail. When intelligence of the enterprise production equipment, has 30 research and development personnel and 27 professional quality staff team, with the international famous algorithm company rainbow soft establish deep cooperation in the United States, as the only strategic partner in mainland China area, the Dai Yuan happy smile, he asked, head of the enterprise should not only pay attention to the "advanced" introduced equipment research and development, but also firmly grasp the talents in the industry resources, always pay attention to product quality, developed with independent intellectual property rights of "fist" products, and earnestly do a good job in the future development plan, adhere to the green development strategy, adhere to market-oriented, to seize the strategic opportunity, A relatively complete high-end industrial chain will be formed.

In the production workshop of qianxun intelligent manufacturing co., LTD. 's precision aluminum alloy parts manufacturing project in qingyang industrial park, dai yuan went all the way. This article from taiyuan heavy industry production of 4000 t extrusion production line in the industry in a leading level, is the highest degree in jiangsu intellectualization, the largest tonnage extrusion equipment, production processes can be fully or piecewise intelligent control, compared with the traditional equipment, energy consumption fell by 35%, 20% greater efficiency." The head of the company pointed to a production line nearly 100 meters long to introduce dai yuan. Dai Yuan is very interested in, he said, "that's a so big production line, it can realize intelligent control, not only save labor costs, also reduce the energy consumption, you learn is worth the city enterprises." He pointed out that while developing the economy, we must protect the environment. In recent years, the overall environmental quality of our city has been continuously improved, and the results have been obvious to all. Hope to related departments and enterprises to actively explore innovation, leading the green development direction, always adhere to the innovation to the carrier to support high quality development, make new contributions for the city's economic and social development.

When the vehicle to the entire district major industrial projects - armoured yancheng industrial park, watching workers have been newly built the rows of the production workshop, these worker apartment and tower crane and bustling traffic flow. When we learned that the project only took three months from signing to delivery, we all praised: quick! In the workshop, 1,200 CNC machining centers are distributed in the high-standard workshop of 110,000 square meters, and the large volume and large scale are even more impressive. In the product display area, dai wore gloves and picked up each sample carefully. "The product in hand is more like a work of art. Do delicate, the product by strong technical strength, advanced technology and equipment, precision testing means, need more strong technical team, strict management system and perseverance and enterprising "spirit"." Dai Yuan requirements across various departments must make full use of existing resources, perfect the relevant incentive policy, intensify training of staff in all walks of life, promote "manufacturing" to "create", promote yancheng industrial development in the spirit of craftsman.

Will do a good job in the next stage Dai Yuan stressed that the whole city will unswervingly carried out the construction of major industrial projects as the development of high quality priority, to major industrial agglomeration factor, tuning, improve industry structure. We must adhere to the inherent requirements of high quality development to promote the construction of project carriers. We should not only focus on cultivating local leading enterprises, but also try our best to attract more talents and speed up breakthroughs in big projects. We should adhere to the guidance of innovation, vigorously foster new and high-tech enterprises, expand and strengthen electronic information and other industries, and build industrial clusters of tens of billions and hundreds of billions. Determined to put the environmental protection, safety production and stand at the threshold of the industrial policy, with strong men DuanWan determined to increase the intensity of industrial structure adjustment, resolutely play pollution control to be completed, make green common form. We should adhere to the principle of "one garden, one feature", strengthen the creation of hierarchy, and constantly improve the investment intensity, output effect, innovation ability and agglomeration level of industrial parks.

District party committee secretary dong-cheng li said, the development zone to the view as an opportunity, in strict accordance with the municipal party committee, municipal government deployment requirements, firmly establish a "project area" concept, always put the project as a focus on hand and the lifeline of economic work, we will carry out extensive public activities to "fight" stars to create, to carry out the star enterprise through train service system, to help enterprises solve land, labor, and capital problem, to early dry fast drying, gets work to promote industry projects to speed up mass effect, to promote the development of yancheng quality contribution to one of the leading enterprises in north jiangsu middle lake strength.

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